Workshop Policies



Refunds and Cancellations


If COVID 19 restrictions mean workshops can not take place all participants will receive a full refund.

Refunds will be initiated if workshops are cancelled by me for circumstances beyond my control.

Workshop fees are due at the time of booking, spaces will not be reserved for unpaid sessions.

Fees paid are non refundable if the decision to withdraw from a workshop is that of the participants and less than two weeks notice is given.

Participants who give more than two weeks cancellation notice will receive a full refund.


Health and Safety in the studio

There are health hazards associated with paper cutting

It is your responsibility when attending a workshop to adhere to all rules intended to keep you and others safe when working in the studio for the duration of the workshop.

It is my responsibility to remind you of my health and safety rules and to point out hazards when they occur.  

Paper cutting is undertaken using scalpels which have sharp blades and can cut easily.

Papercuts are mounted using adhesive which is a highly flammable liquid and vapour and should never be ingested.

When attending a workshop you the participant agree to adhere to the following safety precautions when working with scalpels and adhesives.

  • Care must be taken at all times whilst using blades.
  • If your scalpel blade becomes blunt I will change it for you. Do not attempt to change your own scalpel blades.
  • Your papercut will be mounted to backing paper using an adhesive, strictly following the manufacturers instructions.