The process




I cut all my paper by hand- not a laser in sight! 

I use a metal scalpel and 10A blade. The paper I use is 140gsm all media cartridge paper, I have found that this is just the right weight to be able to support itself on smaller papercuts, but not too thick that its hard work cut.

The main secret to papercutting is to change blades frequently.

I usually sketch out my design on the back of the piece to give me guidelines, this is especially important with lettering- all the words are cut backwards.



I handprint all my fabric, using mix of silkscreen, linoprinting and block printing, I mainly print on to linen or cotton.

 I mix all my dyes by hand, I use a pure pigment dye which is mixed with a solvent free binder. All the dyes I use are eco pigments with Oreo-Tex certification which means that are free from toxic chemicals.

All my  lampshades are constructed by hand in my home studio. They are made using professional materials and have rolled edges with 1 single seam.