About me

I am a papercut artist living in Sussex and am lucky enough to be in easy reach of both the sea and the Sussex Downs. Growing up, I lived on the edge of the River Thames, surrounded by boats and able to walk along the shoreline picking up driftwood and treasures. Since working as a papercut artist, I’ve found that the winds, tides and the different shapes of boat, from graceful clinker-built sailing dinghies to sturdy industrial sea vessels, have informed my work and acted as an inspirational moodboard.


After a twenty year career in architecture, I first started paper cutting by accident, when trying to embellish a birthday card. After that I was hooked and over time, making paper cuts has become my full-time work.

I start a papercut with some research sketching, then I map out the form I want the design to take on a piece of acid free cartridge paper which will become the back of the final papercut (any words have to be back-to-front). I then make the first cut with a fresh blade and scalpel. As all of my work is handcut, the design will evolve as I start cutting and the piece slowly comes to life.  


Today, as well as making papercuts I use my designs as the basis for printing on fabric, making tea towels and lampshades and other homewares. I love the screen printing process, as well as block and lino printing - and this allows me to explore the medium and create one-offs for my customers.


Thank you for looking. Please contact me if you’d like more information.