Hello. Thanks for visiting my website.

I’m a self-taught paper artist and have been working in this medium for several years now – I’ve also flirted with stained glass, etching and lithography – but with papercutting I’m well and truly hooked. The challenge of telling a story with the paper whilst keeping it all in one piece is both exciting and magical, and it’s so rewarding to lift a completed papercut from the cutting mat – like an intricate piece of lace.

I was ten when my grandmother gave me some Chinese papercut horses – beautifully delicate designs cut from fragile rice paper. Amazingly, I have them still and in one way they could be credited as being the inspiration for my pr esent work.

I’ve been fascinated by paper since childhood – when my ’70s collection of Snoopy stickers gradually amassed to a huge stock of all things paper – origami, handmade papers, notebooks, wrapping paper. I love everything about paper – the feel of it, the huge variety of textures and colours – the boundless potential of the medium – and so far I feel that I’m only just scratching the very surface.

Each of my pieces begins from an idea of a narrative. Influences come from all around me – things I see and hear, books and TV. My ske tchbook is a constant companion – filled with doodled ideas, sketches, words and phrases.

I might draw something which will spark an idea – and this develops in my sketch book and in my imagination until it is formed enough to begin working with the paper, the story is often still evolving and changing during the making process until it becomes a finished piece.

All my pieces are unique. I do have themes that may reoccur but every piece is an original one-off that tells its own story. I see it in my mind’s eye as one narrative – but each interpretation is up to you – the viewer.

Happy viewing.